Climate change is real and we need to take immediate action. Dramatic, destructive weather systems and forest fires have grabbed the attention of our nation and the world, while the impacts of climate change run exponentially wider than that. From species extinction to oceanic ecosystems collapse, communities across America deserve to understand how their region’s forests, water resources, agricultural industries, and native species held dear will be impacted. Here in the 8th, we will see more wildfires, earlier growing seasons, reduced snowpack, warmer temperatures in our tributaries, a spike in waterborne infectious diseases affecting fish, and species extinction. We have the unique opportunity to champion policies that will create new, sustainable, clean energy jobs and grow our economy.

As a person of science, I will apply evidence-based principles and methods to my evaluation of environmental policy and regulation and insist that our government agencies do the same.

  • I will defend our wild lands and to protect our access to public lands.
  • I will champion responsible and effective action to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change impacts.
  • I will refocus subsidies away from oil and gas companies and toward clean energy to promote the transition to a 100% clean energy economy within our lifetime.
  • I will advocate for innovative approaches of local organizations like the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy and Carbon Washington to make the transition to 100% clean energy.
  • I will focus resources on people most dramatically affected by climate change, including lower-income communities, farming communities, and communities of color.
    As a pediatrician who understands the negative impacts of polluted water and air on the health of our children, I will fight any effort to reduce or eliminate clean air and clean water protections.


I’ve worked in the healthcare system every day of my career, and while we can provide excellent care, it comes at an alarmingly high price. I see patients who have insurance but still have tremendous out-of-pocket costs that can make a visit to the doctor or a prescription drug prohibitively expensive. As a pediatrician and a person living with type 1 diabetes, I bring knowledge and first-hand experience in what is wrong with our health care system and will work towards the most effective solutions for our district and our nation.

  • I will push for accessible, affordable, and excellent healthcare for every American for life.
    The first step must be to stabilize the health insurance markets and the state health exchanges under the ACA.
  • I will work to bring medication costs down while still respecting the fact that pharmaceutical companies need an incentive to pursue novel drug development. There needs to be a balance.
  • I will push to invest in preventative care to reduce the epidemic of untreated chronic diseases that lead to expensive medical interventions down the line, costing us all.
  • I will push to let all Americans buy into Medicare on a sliding scale. Average insurance company overhead is currently estimated to be 20%, while Medicare overhead is estimated to be only 1.8%. The competition will incentivize private insurance companies to offer plans as efficient and beneficial to consumers as Medicare.


As a doctor and a woman, I trust women to make their own personal decisions about health and family planning. I have always supported a woman’s right to choose. Control over our own bodies and reproductive choices is a key measure of women’s equality. Planned Parenthood provides vital health services throughout our district and is the only provider in some rural areas.

  • I will oppose any effort that limits a women’s right to choose abortion or make any reproductive health decision.
  • I will fight to increase funding for Planned Parenthood and consider any attack on Planned Parenthood to be an attack on women. Contraception should be widely available and covered by insurance.


Every child should be vaccinated. Vaccinations are proven to be safe and effective. This is the position I take in my practice, when talking with parents, and when choosing care for my own child.

Vaccinations should be required to attend preschool and elementary school, in line with our policy here in Washington State. We also need to combat the spread of misinformation. I wholeheartedly support policies that lead to higher immunization rates and any role the government can play in reaching an end goal of having every child in this country vaccinated.

As someone who has treated children suffering from deadly, preventable diseases, I cannot state firmly enough that no child should have to suffer through a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine.


The best measure of our economy is whether families have income security because our country does best when we have a thriving middle class. The best way to grow the economy is for workers to make a livable wage and believe in their future, and for small businesses to get the support they need. Our district is blessed with a diverse economy, from science to tech, apples to aircraft, tourism to trade-based companies that employ thousands. We need to continue to grow our economy while creating a highly-skilled workforce for the future.

  • I will work to make sure that our high school graduates have the education and skills they need for today’s economy, whether they are headed to college, trade school, or straight into the workforce.
  • I will push for tax policies that reward people for hard work, support small business, support our agriculture and tech sectors, incentivize job growth in our burgeoning clean energy market, and keep good jobs here in Washington state.
  • I will support legislation to ensure that all workers earn a livable wage that can provide for a family.
  • I will support the vital role of the federal government in promoting innovation by increasing investments in scientific research and development.
  • I will prioritize investment in infrastructure, such as public transit in denser areas and access to high-speed broadband for all households and small businesses throughout the district.


My mother was a public elementary school teacher, my son is a public school student, and my entire education has been public, including college and medical school. I am grateful for that. Our children all deserve access to an excellent public education, regardless of zip code.

  • I will work to improve outcomes in our public schools, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • I will fight to provide resources needed in disadvantaged schools to level up the playing field.I will push to make sure that our high school graduates are prepared with the skills they need for whatever path they choose.
  • For students who choose to pursue higher education, whether at trade schools or public universities, I will work to make it affordable, with no-interest loans and grants to students who need them.
  • Advocating for early childhood education will be a cornerstone of my education policy. By investing in our children early, we set them up for success later in life.


I am the granddaughter of immigrants and hold dear the American value that our diversity is our strength. Being bilingual has helped me build cross-cultural relationships in my medical practice, which in turn have provided me a deep understanding of the challenges our newer immigrant neighbors face every day, whether it is discrimination in the workplace or harassment in the streets.

  • I will join with my Washington state colleagues in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship on a bipartisan basis.
  • I will immediately push to codify DACA and the DREAM Act as the law of the land.
  • I will seek to overturn Donald Trump’s travel ban which was clearly crafted to deny entry to our country based on religion.
  • I will oppose any expenditure of your tax dollars to fulfill a political promise of the President to build an unnecessary wall on our southern border.


Our political system is under attack from big-moneyed special interests that pour millions into elections and then lobby the people they’ve helped elect for special deals. It is under attack from Russian efforts to undermine our voting systems and cast doubt on election results. It is under attack by special interests that load up the tax system with loophole after loophole to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Enough.

  • I will fight to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United to stop the flow of corporate money into US elections.
  • I will support efforts to modernize and secure US voting systems.
  • I will call on social media services to examine foreign attempts to influence our elections in 2016 on their platforms, and to take steps to prevent it from happening again.


Americans are 25 percent more likely to die from gun violence than in any other developed nation, and guns are the third leading cause of death in American children. It doesn’t have to be this way – we have the tools to address our epidemic of gun violence, we just need to elect leaders with the courage to stand up to the gun lobby.

As a mom and pediatrician, I know how important it is to take action on common sense gun safety. Like many parents, I trust that my third-grade son will be safe when I send him to school, but we know that nowhere is really safe in a country that allows guns to get into the hands of people who would do others harm.

We cannot accept these shootings as normal, nor can we accept any notion that we are powerless to stop them. It is long past time for Congress to take common-sense steps to prevent gun violence. If elected, I will fight for solutions that protect our children and families.

These are my commitments to addressing our gun violence crisis:

  • Implement universal, comprehensive background checks. Guns should never be allowed in the hands of someone with a history of domestic violence, a violent criminal record, convicted stalkers, and those with severe mental illness.
  • Keep military-style weapons out of the hands of individuals with criminal histories, people in crisis, and those under 21 years old.
    Work to create a national center for reporting — to ensure that no individual falls through the cracks.
  • Repeal the Dickey Amendment, which prohibits the Centers for Disease Control from researching gun violence as a public health crisis. We base all other health challenges, from highway safety to cancer, on data. But the federal government is not allowed to investigate gun violence in the same way. This is unacceptable and must be reversed immediately.
  • Reject money from gun manufacturers and their lobbying group, the NRA. It is time to say “enough!” to politicians who profit from an industry that spends millions to stop what the vast majority of Americans consider to be common-sense gun safety policies, which makes it easier for individuals to do harm to children.
  • Expand Washington State’s Extreme Risk Protection Order policy nationally, which will enable families and law enforcement to petition the court to temporarily restrict an individual’s access to firearms if there is evidence that he or she will do harm to themselves or others. Let’s not forget that most gun deaths are from suicide.


Veterans, servicemembers, and their families have made huge sacrifices for our country. They deserve to be treated with respect during and after serving our country. Part of respecting our servicemen and women, vets, and their families is ensuring they have access to the services and support they need.

As a Congressperson, I will:

  • Stand up against unfair policies that discriminate against those who want to serve, are serving, or have served our country
  • Ensure that the VA is working for veterans–and that vets are getting the top-quality healthcare they deserve
  • Promote policies for hiring veterans and support laws that increase job opportunities for veterans
  • Uphold our promise to servicemembers, and make sure they receive the retirement pay they earned
  • Fight for veterans to receive the disability pay they deserve