My mother was a public elementary school teacher, my son is a public school student, and my entire education has been public, including college and medical school. I am grateful for that. Our children all deserve access to an excellent public education, regardless of zip code.

  • I will work to improve outcomes in our public schools, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • I will fight to provide resources needed in disadvantaged schools to level the playing field. I will push to make sure that our high school graduates are prepared with the skills they need for whatever path they choose.
  • For students who choose to pursue higher education, whether at trade schools or public universities, I will work to make it affordable, with no-interest loans and grants to students who need them.
  • Advocating for early childhood education will be a cornerstone of my education policy. By investing in our children early, we set them up for success later in life.