Diversity makes America great. Most of us come from immigrant families, and I have served many as a pediatrician. Yet the Trump Administration is targeting and instilling panic in the very communities that have helped build this country.

No one’s child should live with the constant anxiety of being torn away from the only life she or he has ever known. No one should be discriminated in the workplace or harassed in the streets because of where they were born. It is our responsibility to link arms with our immigrant neighbors and stand against hate.

As your Congressperson:

  • I will join with my Washington state colleagues in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship on a bipartisan basis.
  • I will push to expand and improve worker visas that agricultural and technology-based economies all across our district depend upon.
  • I will immediately push to codify DACA and the DREAM Act as laws of the land.
  • I will oppose any expenditure of your tax dollars to build an unnecessary and unaffordable wall on our southern border.