I support fair trade. We need to be sure that we are exporting goods, not jobs, overseas. If a trade deal comes up, I will evaluate it by a set of criteria:

  • First, does it include fair labor standards? We need to make sure any trade deal raises labor and wage standards abroad to help U.S. workers compete without undermining our domestic labor standards. I’ll be sure to lean on my relationships with Labor to make sure that any deal will not displace 8th district workers. I have been endorsed by some of the largest Labor organizations in Washington state. They know that I will fight to keep jobs here at home.
  • Second, does it have environmental standards? We must ensure that the U.S. is not disadvantaged when we take the lead on confronting our changing climate.
  • Third, does the deal have teeth? I will only support a trade deal if it has clear consequences for noncompliance. If a trade deal passes these litmus tests, I will support it, because trade is an important tool that can raise the tide for all ships if implemented properly.


Trade is absolutely critical to Washington state. Ours is the most trade-dependent state in the nation, and our economy here in the 8th district is particularly reliant on trade. Our district is particularly hurt by President Trump’s unpredictable, governing-by-tweeting trade policies. We need to have comprehensive trade agreements that support our workers and our businesses here in the 8th district, but not all trade deals are good trade deals.