Vaccinations were one of the most important medical advances of the 20th Century, and have prevented countless deaths. Every child should be vaccinated. Immunizations are proven to be safe and effective. This is the position I took in my practice, when talking with parents, and when choosing care for my own child.

Vaccinations should be given according to the schedule set forth by the ACIP, AAP, and CDC, and should be required to attend preschool and elementary school. We also need to combat the spread of misinformation. I wholeheartedly support policies that lead to higher immunization rates and any role the government can play in reaching an end goal of having every medically eligible child in this country immunized. This is our responsibility to our children and to our community at large.

As someone who has treated children suffering from deadly, vaccine-preventable diseases, I cannot state firmly enough that no child should have to suffer through a disease that could have been prevented by immunization.