Dr. Kim Schrier: Donald Trump is sabotaging Obamacare

By Dr. Kim Schrier

Donald Trump’s recent executive order effectively guts health insurance for low-income Americans — impacting tens of thousands of people across the 8th District.

It’s sabotage. Insurers saw this coming and are already raising rates for nearly everyone who has insurance. Now, they’ll be able to sell junk plans with minimal coverage, discriminate against people with any number of pre-existing conditions (like myself), and deny women access to birth control.

The truth is that we can’t count on our GOP-controlled Congress to do the right thing and pass the bipartisan legislation, led by Senator Patty Murray, to stabilize insurance markets before open enrollment begins next month. Speaking of open enrollment, did you know that this administration is doing everything possible to limit the number of enrollees, including shutting down the website on Sundays and limiting advertising that reminds people to sign up?

And my opponent certainly won’t stand up to Donald Trump and the Republican Congress to fix the health care system — but I will. As a pediatrician, I see first-hand the impact this has on my patients and their families, and as a representative, I’ll fight to stop Trump from destroying our access to critical care.

We need a leader in Congress who will stand up to attacks on working people and our health care system, but I need your help to get there first. If you’re with me,  please join the campaign.

Thank you.