My mother was a public elementary school teacher, my son is a public school student, and my entire education has been public, including college and medical school. I am grateful for that. Our children all deserve access to an excellent public education, regardless of zip code.

  • Universal pre-K: free, high quality pre-K for all Washington children. Right now only 22% of 3 and 4 year olds in WA have access to publicly funded pre-K. The average cost of private pre-K in WA is $8,600 
  • Child Nutrition: More than 230,000 children in Washington live in households that struggle with hunger. I have worked to ensure all kids have a healthy start by expanding access to school meals and healthy food in the summer 
  • We must make college a more affordable option for students and make sure they aren’t burdened by debt for decades. I believe we can use debt forgiveness strategically to channel students into careers where we need help desperately, like mental health professionals, educators, and nurses.
  • I will work to make sure that our high school graduates have the education and skills they need for today’s economy, whether they are headed to college, trade school, or straight into the workforce.