Economy + Trade

Some of the wealthiest corporations are making record profits while jacking up prices for American families and small businesses. I’m working with both parties in Congress to make our supply chains work both for consumers and for 8th district farmers who need to get their goods to market. I’m working to bring down gas prices and energy costs by holding big oil accountable so they stop ripping us off. 

  • I will work to secure clean energy to create jobs and cut costs for families and small businesses. 
  • I will bring financial relief to families experiencing these rising costs by finally making sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share of taxes, without raising taxes on middle-class families.
  • I will support legislation to ensure that all workers earn a livable wage that can provide for a family.
  • I will support the vital role of the federal government in promoting innovation by increasing investments in scientific research and development.
  • I will prioritize investment in infrastructure, such as public transit in denser areas and access to high-speed broadband for all households and small businesses throughout the district.

Trade is absolutely critical to Washington state. Ours is the most trade-dependent state in the nation, and our economy here in the 8th district is particularly reliant on trade. We need to have comprehensive trade agreements that support our workers and our businesses here in the 8th district. That’s why I was proud to support the USMCA in my first term in Congress to set a new standard for a mutually beneficial free trade agreement. I’ve fought for worker protections in trade agreements since getting to Congress and will continue to do so.

When farmers told me they were hurting because of supply chain issues and shipping container shortages hampering their ability to get their goods to market, I took on the Biden administration to get supply routes back open and pushed to open pop-up ports at both the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma that accept dry agricultural or refrigerated containers for temporary storage to combat the nearly 30% decline in agricultural exports caused by unreliable shipping companies. Now I am pushing for the passage of legislation to prevent the shipping companies from price gouging our farmers because I know how important trade is to WA-08.