Trump and GOP Congress One-Two Punch our Healthcare: Where’s Rossi?

Issaquah, WA, June 8, 2018 – Yesterday was a horrible day for healthcare in the nation’s capital. The Trump administration urged a federal judge to throw out the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions and to allow insurers to discriminate based on age. Hours later, the GOP Congress voted to cut the Children’s Health Insurance Program by $7 billion and cut Medicare and Medicaid by $800 million. Leading Democratic candidate for Washington’s 8th District, Dr. Kim Schrier, a pediatrician with her own pre-existing condition, Type 1 diabetes, issued the following statement:

“The difference between me and my opponent could not be more stark: I’m willing to take on Trump and the GOP Congress when they attack our healthcare, while Dino Rossi ducks and hides. The fact is – Rossi supported Donald Trump and his promises to gut healthcare protections. Yesterday’s action by the Trump Administration would toss out the rule that prevents insurers from discriminating against people based on age or pre-existing conditions. And cynically, they asked for the judgement to be delayed until after the elections – so that candidates like Dino Rossi could escape accountability.

“Meanwhile, the GOP Congress voted to cut billions of dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. You know where I stand – I’ll strengthen Medicare and children’s health insurance, not cut them. Again – where’s Rossi?

“Protecting insurance coverage is personal to me. Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a teen is what inspired me to become a pediatrician, to help children and families all over the 8th District for the past 16 years. My patients count on a healthcare system that does not discriminate against them based on a condition. And with insurance costs skyrocketing, we need to be fighting to make it more affordable, not more out of reach.

“It’s probably no surprise that I, as a pediatrician who has treated thousands of 8th District children and their families, would commit to fight against the Administration’s plan and the GOP Congress’s vote. What voters need to know is – where’s Rossi? He supported Donald Trump and needs to be held accountable for this Administration’s attempts to sabotage our healthcare. He shouldn’t come asking for votes until he’s willing to answer these questions.”