End Citizens United Endorses Dr. Kim Schrier

From End Citizens United:

Washington, D.C. ‑ End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed seven candidates running for the U.S. House, all of whom support and advocate for ending the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics.

The endorsed candidates are:

  • Jahana Hayes (CT-05)

  • Sharice Davids (KS-03)

  • Matt Longjohn (MI-06)

  • Andy Levin (MI-09)

  • Perry Gershon (NY-01)

  • Kendra Horn (OK-05)

  • Dr. Kim Schrier (WA-08)

“The flood of Big Money and corporate cash in elections is giving outsized influence to special interests. It’s creating a corrupt system where politicians are controlled by mega-donors and everyday Americans are shut out of the conversation,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “These candidates are fighting to upend this system so that everyone has a voice in government. We’re proud to back their campaigns, and our grassroots members are ready to roll up their sleeves and help them win in November.”

bipartisan poll conducted by the George W. Bush Institute, the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center, and Freedom House found that money in politics is one of the top reasons people believe the government does not represent them.

Americans’ concerns about money in politics is fueling a wave of candidates in this election who are making reform a central issue in their campaigns, with more than 170 outright rejecting corporate PAC money, including Jahana Hayes (CT-05), Matt Longjohn (MI-06), Perry Gershon (NY-01), Kendra Horn (OK-05), and Dr. Kim Schrier (WA-08). To date, more than 85 candidates rejecting corporate PAC money have already advanced to the general election. Click here to see how candidates are incorporating reform messaging in their ads and on the stump.

ECU is dedicated to getting Big Money out of politics and fixing the rigged system in Washington so it works for all Americans. ECU connects its endorsed candidates with its grassroots members and its 400,000 small-dollar donors to help ensure they have the resources to win. So far this cycle, ECU has raised $5 million in small-dollar donations directly for their campaigns. ECU continues to elevate campaign finance reform as a national priority and advocates for meaningful legislation.