Schrier Dismisses False Attacks, Says Voters “Deserve the Truth” in New TV Ad, Not a “Special Interest Puppet”

Issaquah, WA, September 25, 2018—In a new TV spot released today titled “Career,” Dr. Kim Schrier debunks the dark money attack ads against her funded by special interests. “I have never turned away a patient. I know what’s wrong with healthcare because I see it up close,” says Dr. Kim Schrier in the ad.

Congressional Leadership Fund’s over-the-top attacks against the long-time community pediatrician fell flat, getting fact-checked as “bogus,” “misleading,” and “hypocritical.” But just like across the country, the political hacks at CLF are willing to ignore the truth if it means electing the special interests’ hand-picked candidate Dino Rossi. “The secretive group attacking my character in these lame ads wants another special interest puppet in Congress, and they’re running scared because they know the voters want change,” Schrier said.

“We’ve seen what happens when career politicians are in charge of our healthcare: skyrocketing premiums, zero transparency, and record-high prescription drug costs,” said Schrier. “Here in the 8th District, we’re tired of DC-insider political attacks. Voters are looking for results, and I will put my experience to work fixing what’s wrong with healthcare so our system supports patients instead of boosting corporate profits.”

Dino Rossi has repeatedly voted against expanding access to children’s health insurance, and his budget stripped healthcare away from 45,000 children in the state legislature. Rossi wants to repeal the ACA and cut healthcare for 32,000 people in the 8th District, and he is all-in on the Republican tax bill, which raised premiums by $1,500 on seniors.

“Career” begins running today on TV and digital streaming services.

“Career” Transcript:

You’ve probably seen the ads attacking my character. Well, that’s what politicians do. They lie about my career because they don’t want to talk about their records. The fact is, I’ve been a pediatrician in this community for 17 years, and I have never turned away a patient. I know what’s wrong with healthcare because I see it up close. I’ll take on the drug companies, and I won’t let insurance companies jack up prices for people with preexisting conditions. I’m Dr. Kim Schrier, and I approve this message because you deserve the truth.