Tacoma News Tribune: The News Tribune endorses: Our picks for US House and Senate races in WA


During the primary The News Tribune Editorial Board chose the two candidates we believed were best suited to face off in the general election in the race for U.S. House of Representatives in Washington’s 8th Congressional District: Democrat Kim Schrier and Republican Reagan Dunn. Schrier was our clear favorite at the time, based on her track record and her stance on issues like reproductive rights and her support for improving and expanding the Affordable Care Act. And since Dunn failed to advance in August, bested by more hardline conservative candidate Matt Larkin, our choice now is a simple one:

Schrier is far and away the best pick for voters in the 8th Congressional District. No elected leader is perfect, and there are certainly reasons to be frustrated by the current state of the nation, but Schrier is the only candidate on the ballot with the experience and common sense to effectively represent the people of Washington in the halls of Congress. After spending roughly two decades working as a pediatrician, Schrier boasts an intimate knowledge of the country’s healthcare system — and its many flaws. She’s supported efforts to to reduce the cost of insulin, and is currently the only female doctor in Congress, giving her an important voice in any discussion of women’s healthcare. Earlier this year, Schrier told The News Tribune Editorial Board that she’s supported tangible steps to tamp down on the rising cost of living — like a bill she sponsored intended to stop price-gouging by oil companies — and considers “bringing down the cost of goods, inflation, gas prices and crime” top priorities.

Voters in the 8th District would be wise to re-elect Schrier.