The best measure of our economy is whether families have income security because our country does best when we have a thriving middle class. The best way to grow the economy is for workers to make a livable wage and believe in their future, and for small businesses to get the support they need. Our district has a robust and diverse economy, from science to tech, apples to aircraft, tourism to trade-based companies that employ thousands. We need to continue to grow our economy while creating a highly-skilled workforce for the future.

  • I will work to make sure that our high school graduates have the education and skills they need for today’s economy, whether they are headed to college, trade school, or straight into the workforce.
  • I will push for tax policies that reward people for hard work, support small business, support our agriculture and tech sectors, incentivize job growth in our burgeoning clean energy market, and keep good jobs here in Washington state.
  • I will support legislation to ensure that all workers earn a livable wage that can provide for a family.
  • I will support the vital role of the federal government in promoting innovation by increasing investments in scientific research and development.
  • I will prioritize investment in infrastructure, such as public transit in denser areas and access to high-speed broadband for all households and small businesses throughout the district.