Meet Kim

I am honored to represent Washington’s 8th Congressional District, which includes much of King, Pierce, Kittitas, and Chelan Counties, and portions of Douglas County.

Prior to being elected to Congress, I spent my career as a pediatrician listening to and helping solve problems with thousands of patients and their families across the 8th District, and I am bringing that same dedication and understanding to my work as your representative in Congress.

I am a pediatrician, a wife, and a mom with deep roots in the 8th District. I built a pediatrics practice here over the past 16 years, taking care of thousands of children and their families from all over the region. Our son goes to our local public school, which we strongly support with our time, energy and advocacy. I loved my job and my patients, and never thought I would do anything else. But the 2016 election compelled me to step up.

Healthcare has always been my passion. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a teenager. Spending all that time in doctors’ offices led to my career as a pediatrician. I know firsthand what it means to worry about health insurance and rising costs.

I am the daughter of an elementary school teacher and an aerospace engineer, and the product of public schools, with degrees in astrophysics and medicine. I am committed to improving our public schools so every student graduates high school with the skills they need for college or career. I will continue to work to build a middle-class centered economy so that everyone who works hard benefits, and I will protect Social Security and Medicare from cuts. I will work to keep our air and water clean and transition to a clean energy economy to slow the rate of climate change. And I will keep working to strengthen our healthcare system until every person in this country has access to affordable, high-quality care. I am the only female doctor in Congress and I provide a vital missing voice as Congress debates women’s healthcare, reproductive rights, and children’s health.