Dr. Kim Schrier Endorsed by EMILY’s List!



Dr. Kim Schrier on Receiving the Endorsement of Emily’s List

Issaquah, WA, November 9, 2017 — Dr. Kim Schrier, a leading candidate for Washington State’s 8th congressional seat, issued the following statement upon receiving the endorsement of Emily’s List, the country’s preeminent organization devoted to electing pro-choice women:

“It’s a tremendous boost to have the Emily’s List endorsement. It shows that this election will be a choice between a citizen-pediatrician who brings fresh ideas and represents the commonsense values of our district, and an anti-woman, anti-choice career politician who is only interested in restarting a failed political career. Well, a big part of the problem in Congress is that there are too few representatives like me and too many just like him.

“Emily’s List was there for Patty Murray 32 years ago when they said a ‘mom in tennis shoes’ could never get elected, and now they’re helping this citizen-pediatrician follow in her footsteps. I’d point out that Emily’s List helped Senator Murray defeat my Republican opponent seven years ago. I’m grateful to have their support as we make it a fourth defeat for Dino Rossi.

“Our campaign is powered by people all over the 8th district who are sick of petty politics getting in the way of doing what’s right. Having the support of a national grassroots organization like Emily’s List will help get our message out to voters all across the 8th district – it’s time to change Congress by changing the type of people we send to Congress.”