Schrier Denounces Concealed Weapons Bill; Challenges Candidates to State Their Positions

ISSAQUAH, WA — Dr. Kim Schrier, the leading Democratic candidate for Washington’s 8th Congressional District, issued a statement in response to Wednesday’s House passage of a concealed-carry reciprocity gun bill:

“On Tuesday, gunshots rang out in a local schoolyard and two teenagers were injured. The next day, our congressman voted to allow concealed carry permits obtained in one state to apply nationwide. This makes it easier for people who shouldn’t have guns to carry concealed weapons, even in states with tougher safety laws. Why? Because that’s what the gun manufacturers wanted.

“It’s not surprising that Reichert chose to put the will of the gun lobby ahead of the safety of our families and law enforcement. We deserve to know whether the other candidates in this race — Dino Rossi and Jason Rittereiser in particular — would have voted the same way.

“Guns are the third leading cause of death in children and voters should know where the candidates stand. As a pediatrician, I understand the damage a gun can do when it falls into the wrong hands. I will be a leader who will take action to address our gun violence crisis and protect our citizens. No one else in this race has the courage to stand up to the gun lobby like I will.”