Schrier Condemns GOP Tax Bill and Neglect of CHIP; Demands Rossi Declare Stance

Issaquah, WA, December 19, 2017—Dr. Kim Schrier, the leading Democratic candidate for Washington’s 8th Congressional District, issued a statement in response to the House passage of the Republican tax overhaul and opponent Dino Rossi’s continued silence:

“I’m upset that Congress has time to pass tax breaks for the wealthy but claims it has no time to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for kids. We’re standing at the edge of a new world in which thousands of children in the 8th District will be forced to skip doctor’s appointments or miss out on vital medication – like inhalers for children with asthma, or medications to help children with ADHD achieve their full potential in school — due to cost. With this bill and this vote, our own congressman is flatly denying children essential coverage in favor of helping millionaires, while my opponent Dino Rossi remains silent.

“When I represent the 8th District in Congress, I’ll work across the aisle to fight for middle class families. I’ll work to stabilize healthcare premiums and expand access to quality, affordable care. I’ll pay attention to programs that affect most Americans and those most vulnerable, instead of keeping an eye on selectively helping the ultra-rich with tax loopholes.

“The voters in the 8th District deserve an answer from Mr. Rossi: Does he support tax cuts that will benefit CEOs and shareholders instead of their employees? Does he support eliminating the individual mandate and actively choosing a future of skyrocketing healthcare premiums and insurmountable barriers to necessary healthcare? Does he simply not care about children’s health and well-being? His silence, to me, indicates all of the above. It’s time to declare what he believes – and for a new representative to make choices that will actually help the families of the 8th District.”