Kim Schrier Announces Strong Fundraising Results (Again!)

Schrier raises nearly $600k in first five months of candidacy

Issaquah, WA, January 10, 2018— A total of 1,836 citizens contributed over $320,000 to Schrier’s campaign in the last quarter of 2017 — her first full quarter of fundraising — resulting in more than $590,000 raised since announcing her candidacy in August.

The Issaquah pediatrician, who has served thousands of local families since beginning her practice here 16 years ago, far outpaced the other Democratic candidates in 3rd quarter fundraising, and today reports that she beat her own 3Q total in the 4th quarter of last year. Schrier also earned the early endorsement of Emily’s List, which has a strong track record of helping to elect women to Congress. Today’s new fundraising report adds to the momentum building behind her candidacy.

Schrier spoke about the results today:

“Today’s fundraising report shows the momentum that’s building behind our campaign. But it’s not just about the money. It’s about the thousands of everyday citizens who are rallying to our campaign, offering their volunteer time and financial support to put a new voice in Congress and make Dino Rossi a four-time loser. The last thing people want to do is replace one slick career politician with another slick career politician. They simply want someone who will listen, who understands the challenges families face, and who will fight for them. They are joining with us because our campaign isn’t about me, it’s about what we can do together.”