Dr. Kim Schrier Calls on Rossi to Take Stand on Net Neutrality

During his 2010 Senate race, Rossi appeared to not know what net neutrality was.

Issaquah, WA, May 11, 2018 – During Dino Rossi’s 2010 Senate race, the Seattle Times asked Rossi if he supported net neutrality. Rossi’s confusion prompted the editorial board to ask, “Do you understand what net neutrality is?”

As leaders in the Senate work to preserve net neutrality, Dr. Kim Schrier released the following statement calling on Rossi to take time to learn about net neutrality and then tell voters where he stands:

“In a leading tech state like Washington, net neutrality is a fundamental issue that affects a quarter of a million jobs. Rossi has had 8 years to Google a simple question and learn what net neutrality is and why it is so critical to our economy. But voters still don’t know where Rossi stands or if he even knows what net neutrality is.

“Today I’m calling on Dino Rossi to take a firm position on net neutrality. Voters in the 8th District deserve to know whether Rossi will stand with them and with our local tech economy, or whether he’ll side with big corporations and special interests.

“In the meantime, I’ll tell voters exactly where I stand: I support net neutrality. I believe a fair and open internet is a cornerstone of what has allowed our innovative economy to grow and thrive. I side with Washingtonians, and I will never let special interests get in the way of fighting for our district.

“To help Rossi get up to speed on this important issue, my team took the liberty of putting together some resources for him. I hope he’ll take a look and tell the voters in WA-08 what he thinks.”

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