Dr. Kim Schrier Challenges Dino Rossi to Debate

Issaquah, WA, June 29, 2018 – Dr. Kim Schrier, the leading Democrat in Washington’s 8th Congressional District, released the following statement challenging her Republican opponent Dino Rossi to debate on the district’s most pressing issues:

“I got into this race because I believed the 8th District deserved better than Dave Reichert, who refused to hold open town halls or explain his positions to voters. We need a representative who will listen to voters, who values transparency, and who will tell voters where she stands — not another career politician who hides from the public.

“Unfortunately, not all of the candidates in the 8th District race feel the same. Since he announced his candidacy in front of a closed group of party activists, Dino Rossi has been radio silent. He ignores reporters’ requests for interviews and does not participate in public forums. Voters in our district don’t know where he stands.

“I have repeatedly called on Dino Rossi to tell voters in the 8th District what he thinks about everything from the Supreme Court vacancy, to healthcare, to the shortsighted trade war that is risking our rural and tech economies. If Rossi is running to represent our district, he needs to tell us where he stands. It is long past time for voters in the 8th District to know what Rossi believes and what type of representative he would be in Congress.

“It’s also incumbent upon those who host forums and debates to demand that Dino Rossi step out of the shadows and join us in open, public discourse. We’re on the same ballot, and the stakes in this election are too high on critical issues where there is a sharp difference of opinion between Dino Rossi and me. Voters deserve to hear from each of us in open, unfiltered debate.

“Mr. Rossi, I’ve reserved a room at the Sammamish Public Library on July 16th at 5pm. Voters in the 8th District deserve to know where you stand.”