Dr. Kim Schrier Doubles Down on Healthcare in First Two Ads + Comprehensive Reform Proposal

“I’m taking our fight to Congress to stop Trump’s attacks on our healthcare, to make prescription drugs more affordable, to protect Medicare and let everyone into it.” – Dr. Kim Schrier

Issaquah, WA, July 10, 2018—Dr. Kim Schrier is the first candidate up on TV in the race for Washington’s 8th Congressional District, today releasing two healthcare-focused ads that will run on television and digital channels throughout the district. Schrier also unveiled a comprehensive healthcare plan that would immediately lower healthcare costs and improve and expand Medicare to guarantee affordable, high-quality healthcare for everyone.

“Every Day” and “Right” explain why Dr. Kim Schrier is the best candidate to fix our healthcare system and lower costs for families in the 8th District, and how her plan is the most comprehensive among all the candidates. As a pediatrician and a patient with her own pre-existing condition, type 1 diabetes, Schrier understands that families in the 8th District need a champion for healthcare reform in Congress, not just a “good vote.”

“I’m doubling down on affordable healthcare, because that’s what I’m hearing from families all across the district as their number one concern. I’ve spent 17 years helping my patients navigate a broken healthcare system, and I’ve watched my own insulin prices skyrocket out of control. My patients can’t wait for another presidential election to hope we start to fix what’s wrong in healthcare. I know firsthand that it is long past time to fundamentally reform our system, and I know what we need to do to fix it,” said Dr. Kim Schrier.

Schrier’s TV ads began running today on all the major network broadcast stations in the Seattle market and cable across Washington’s 8th district, and digital ads will run on major video streaming and social media platforms. “Every Day”  tells of Dr. Schrier’s personal journey and commitment to fixing what’s wrong with healthcare. “Right” outlines her policy proposals.

In conjunction, Dr. Schrier today released a comprehensive healthcare plan that would immediately lower costs by improving Medicare and creating a Medicare-based public option, taking on Big Pharma, and stabilizing the insurance market to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Dr. Schrier’s experience as a practicing physician makes her uniquely equipped to tackle healthcare reform. “Unlike my opponents in this race, I’ve actually worked with patients and families in the 8th District my whole career, and understand the barriers they face to accessing high-quality care. I know exactly needs to be done to fix our healthcare system and get it working for my patients, not for insurance and drug company profits,” said Dr. Schrier.

Schrier’s healthcare plan is outlined below, and the full plan is available here.

Expands Medicare to All through An Immediate Public Option

  • Ensures Individuals, Families, Small Businesses Have Access to Affordable Health Coverage
  • Improves Coverage to Include Dentistry, Eye Care, Prescription Drugs
  • Provides Comprehensive Care
  • Negotiates Drug Costs and Passes Savings on to Patients
  • Increases Competition and Lowers Prices

Restores the Affordable Care Act

  • Stabilizes Insurance Markets
  • Protects People with Pre-Existing Conditions

Lowers the Costs of Care

  • Lowers Prescription Drug Prices by Allowing Medicare, Medicaid to Negotiate Drug Prices and Limiting Drug Costs to Those Negotiated Prices for All U.S. Consumers
  • Improves Price Transparency

Solves the Healthcare Issues of Tomorrow

  • Improves Rural Healthcare Access
  • Empowers Women through Healthcare
  • Provides Vaccinations Free of Charge
  • Invests in Medical Research
  • Combats the Opioid Epidemic

“Every Day” Transcript:

“I was diagnosed with diabetes at 16. It inspired me to become a pediatrician to help kids. I see what’s happening to healthcare costs up close. The cost of my insulin has tripled in the past 10 years. You know what happens when you can’t afford it anymore? That’s something career politicians don’t get. But I get it. I’ll take on the drug companies and the insurers that jack up costs. I did it every day for my patients. I’ll do it every day for you. I’m Dr. Kim Schrier, and I approve this message.”

“Right” Transcript:

“Being a pediatrician, it’s about more than the checkups. I see what my patients and their families are up against. Fighting insurance and drug companies just get the care they need. I’m taking our fight to Congress to stop Trump’s attacks on our healthcare, to make prescription drugs more affordable, to protect Medicare and let everyone into it. I’m Dr. Kim Schrier, and I approve this message, because healthcare is a right. I’ll fight to make it more affordable.”