Decisive Victory for Dr. Kim Schrier in WA-08 Debate

Ellensburg, WA, October 17, 2018 – In tonight’s WA-08 congressional debate, Dr. Kim Schrier provided the fresh perspective of a community pediatrician, not a career politician, and highlighted her commitment to serving families across the district. Dr. Schrier spent the hour discussing her plans to lower healthcare costs, approach comprehensive immigration reform, respect women’s health care decisions and protect Social Security and Medicare.

During tonight’s debate, Dino Rossi arrived unprepared and without answers to the questions voters of the 8th District are asking. He failed to suggest a single new solution for 8th District voters, instead relying on outdated and overused talking points from his three failed statewide races.

“Dino Rossi showed voters tonight that he won’t bring the change that people of the 8th District need,” said Michael Beckendorf, campaign manager for Dr. Kim Schrier for Congress. “Rossi’s tip-toeing and half-answers are just what you’d expect from a career politician trying to hide from his record of supporting corporations and the wealthiest over working families. Rossi is the same special interest puppet he has always been, and we can’t trust him to stand up for the 8th District in Congress.”

The debate, organized by the Washington Debate Coalition, addressed key 8th District issues, including healthcare, job creation, immigration, and trade. Tonight’s debate is the only one the Rossi campaign has agreed to, despite Dr. Schrier’s push to hold debates in at least three of the 8th District’s five counties.

“Now we know why Dino Rossi didn’t want to debate,” Beckendorf added. “Rossi has nothing new to offer since his three failed runs for statewide office. Washington voters rejected him then, and they’ll reject him again this November.”