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Dr. Kim Schrier: Donald Trump is sabotaging Obamacare

Donald Trump’s recent executive order effectively guts health insurance for low-income Americans — impacting tens of thousands of people across the 8th District. It’s sabotage. Insurers saw this coming and are already raising rates for nearly everyone who has insurance.

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ICYMI: Dr. Kim Schrier Leading the Pack

Since announcing her candidacy in August, Issaquah pediatrician Dr. Kim Schrier has quickly emerged as the leading candidate in Washington State’s 8th district, garnering extensive coverage in top international and local publications.

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Dr. Kim Schrier Mounts Grassroots Campaign to Unseat 8th District Congressman Dave Reichert

I’m stepping up. I’m not a slick career politician. I’m a pediatrician, a wife and a mom who is worried about where our country is headed and will always fight for families and small businesses trying to succeed across the 8th district. I’ll be a check on Trump when he goes too far. Our campaign is powered by people all over the district who are sick of petty politics getting in the way of doing what’s right, doing what is simple common sense.

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